1. It is better to join a superior guild in Pokemon Mega, at least you can enjoy a lot of top-up benefits. In the guild, when rich players to-up, then we can open box which has Diamonds, Gold, items, etc.

Top-up benefits

2. Donate to the Guild base on what you can afford, as well as pokemon. Donation determines your individual technology, more donation means level up faster.

Donate Guild

3. Purchase Upgrade Orbs and Mega Stones daily in Guild Shop. In later period, Upgrade Orb will be seriously lacking.

4. Every day the must-buy item in Mall is Lucky Box, 100 Diamonds for 1 box and 5 boxes per day. Open it to get Shiny Potion randomly.

Lucky Box

5. Challenge Road of Champion can get Game Coins, saved 9 coins to conduct draw x10 to get Champion set. Quality from high to low is: Champion set, Z Power set (top-up), Origin set (gear shop), Ancient set and other sets (challenge instances).

game room                   Legendary Gear

6. Daily Maze Monster can choose Mewtwo Y; it can obtain Pikachu, Mew, Zapdos, Alakazam, Rhyhorn and Snorlax. This is more cost-effective. Main pokemon: Zapdos, Steelix, Snorlax, Aerodactyl, Pikachu, Dragonite, Salamence, Tyranitar, Mew and Jirachi. Choose your favorite pokemon to train.

7. Mythical Beast opened at 20:00 daily.

    Iron Fist Tourney opened at 20:30 daily, can obtain EXP.

    Arena Ranking Rewards calculate at 22:00.

Mythical Beast                         Iron first tourney

8. Battle Subway has a lot of EXP, VIP 5 unlock wipe-out, and it is more effective.

Battle Subway

9. Remember to refresh Pokemon Shop and purchase Upgrade Orb. Purchase pokemon shards according to your needs, and recycle useless pokemon for Pokemon Coins.

Pokemon Shop

10. Don’t forget to revenge.

revenge record

11. Pay attention to gear set attributes; sometimes mixing is not as good as lower-quality set attributes bonus.


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