Apr 22 US Server Merge Notification

Time: 2021-04-21 01:36

[Maintenance Servers]




Apr 22



Apr 22





1. Account Clearing
[Maintenance Rules]

*Accounts that meet all of the following conditions will be cleared.

a. Not login for 14 days.

b. Character level <90.

c. Top-up amount =0

Note: The Guild leader will not be cleared.



2. Related Data Processing

*Players or Guilds with same name will be automatically renamed and obtain a Name Change Card.

*After server merger, players still enter game from the original server.

*Events Related Data Process

In order to ensure the unity of the events, latest server events will be retained after server merger and the other servers’ data will be cleared.

*The following data will be cleared:

a. Arena Ranking

b. Guild Instance 1st Kill Record

c. Guild Instance Progress and BOSS HP

(Diamond activated Guild Instance progress will be retained, after completing 1st Kill can continue previous process.)

Note: April 22 (Server Merger) does not join in Daily Top-up Gift and Total Top-up.


3. Reset Top-up Diamonds Double Reward after Server Merger.




Pokemon Mega Support Team

Apr 21, 2021

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