Pokémon Mega Character naming rules and penalties

Time: 2018-01-11 20:59

When you enter the Pokémon Mega game the first thing is to give your character a name. The name may have great influence on you, because other players will impressed by a personalized name and help you make friends easier. Friends will play a vital role in your future adventure in Pokemon Mega, so please thinking carefully when naming your character.

The name of character, guild and other customized content in the game are entirely up to your liking. In order to provide a better game experience and avoid to appear uncomfortable words, we made some rules for names. Some specific words cannot used as character name, guild name and other customized name. If you violate these rules, we reserve the right to enforce penalties according to the seriousness of the violations, including but not limited to: forced rename, random rename, and temporary or permanent ban account.

The following are details of the naming rules for character, guild and other customized content.


(Including but not limited to the following words and other homonyms or sensitive words that are substantially similar to them)

1. Including words such as country or state name, leader, government department, party, reactionary and politics;

2. Involve endangering state security, revealing state secrets, subverting state power and undermining state unity;

3. Involve damaging state honor and interests, harming public interests and undermining ethnologic unity;

4. Name of any religious figures or gods, as well as harming state religious policies, advocating cults or feudal superstitions;

5. Impersonate another person to use the person’s name, including but no limit to “game manager”, Pokemon mega and other employees or agents;

6. Name has the meaning of curse, including wicked, obscene, hateful words that may offend others words, or some disgusting words that insult race, nation, etc.

7. Including any words that involves the promotion of illegal third party software, as well as game leveling studio, offline trading account;

8. Names relating to obscenity, pornography, gambling, illegal drugs, violence or criminal acts.



Guild name violation may result in rename or disband guild.

Player name violation may result in rename and give a warning, temporary or permanent ban account.

Other customized content (will add in the future game functions) may result in rename or disband, and give a warning, ban to name, ban to post, temporary or permanent ban account.

Note: For repeatedly violators, the official will retain the right to permanent ban account.


Character naming rules and penalties

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