Gym Attack and Defense

Time: 2018-07-13 05:41

How to play?
1.Server opening the 4th day
2.Every day from 9 to 23 you can participate in the Gym Battles
3.3 free Challenges times every day, the challenges time will be reset at 0 o'clock
4.Total of 8 gems, evey Gym has 9 positions to occupy. The 'Leader' position of the Gym can only be occupied by the Guild Master. The other postion can be occupied by any Guild member(Gym Master included)
5.You can only occupy one position at the time. You will benefit from a 2 minutes protection after occupying a position. If a member leaves the Guild while being on a position in the Gym, his position will become free.
6.After successfully occupying a Gym, your Guild Points will increase(In Guild Rankings). Leaving the Guild will not erase the points your earned. Your individual points earned will remain and count for the Individual Rankings.
7.Members from the same Guild cannot challenge each other. You can only challenge NPC and members from other Guilds. The name will be displayed in different colors:
NPC: White
Player's own name: Green
Players from your guild: Blue
Players from other Guilds: Red
8.The rewards will be counted every day at 11P.M. Check the rewards description for more details.
????????Note:All the Gym data will be reset on the same day. All the Guilds that have participated this day will also be able to participate the next day.

Guild Gym Rules
1.Personal points rewards, which will be sent directly to mail.
Reach 5000 points: Rider Medal x 10; Gem LV3 packs x 1; Guild Coins x 10
Reach 10000 points: Rider Medal x 15; Gem LV3 packs x 1; Guild Coins x 20
Reach 20000 points: Rider Medal x 20; Gem LV3 packs x 1; Guild Coins x 30
Reach 40000 points: Rider Medal x 25; Gem LV3 packs x 1; Guild Coins x 50
Reach 60000 points: Rider Medal x 30; Treasure Hunt Scroll x 2; Guild Coins x 100
Tips: Personal points rewards can be accumulated.
For example: if the player’s points reach 60000, he can get all personal rewards.

2.Guild Rankings Rewards, which will be sent to the guild warehouse.
Ranking 1: Race Value Refine x 300; Clefairy Doll x 30
Ranking 2: Race Value Refine x 200; Clefairy Doll x 20
Ranking 3: Race Value Refine x 100; Clefairy Doll x 10
Ranking 4-10: Race Value Refine x 50; Clefairy Doll x 5
3.Badge rewards: At 11:00 every night, the guild that occupies the guild gym master can get a badge, and the guild leader (player) can get the badge attribute. After that, if the player transfers the leader or dismisses the guild, the badge attribute will be lost. [Badge attributes: the whole team’s ATK, DEF and HP+ 10%]
Tips: At 11:00 every night, the previous badge will be reclaimed and given to the guild currently occupying the gym master.
4.First Badge Claimer: At 11:00 every night, the guild that occupies the guild gym master is the occupying guild. The first time you occupy the guild of any of the eight guild gyms, you can get the following rewards:
Super Mega Stones x 6666, Halo Potion x 10. These rewards will be send to your guild warehouse.
Tips: After the server merger, the first badge claimer and reward will be reset, and all the data of the guild gym will be cleared. The next day, all the guilds will participate in the guild gym.


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